Friday, March 26, 2010

Craving Fran

Guess you could say I've been having some cravings. Yep, rich, super moist chocolate cake has been calling me name. I resist as much as possible because I know it will only make my joints stiff and leave my body asking for more sugar! It’s Crack! Why do I want to turn my nose up at every piece of meat that is put in my face and devour the crack?! I'm more than frustrated with my nutrition than ever...

Another craving my body has been screaming for...FRAN! It’s my favorite CrossFit workout and probably one that I am willing to put the most intensity in. Fran is short and to the point leaving one sore for days. On thrusday I gave in to the craving.

Thrusters #65
Pull Ups
Time - 10:00min (Compare to 17 weeks pregnant, and 5 weeks pregnant )

I've been documenting my pregnancy on video via Fran. Every time I do the workout I set up the camera. (Think a progress of the pregnancy will ever be dot com worthy?) I tried to focus on not going below parallel on the thrusters, but keeping that as my only modification to the wod thus far. The pull ups were much harder and 65 lbs actually felt heavy. I'm losing strength quickly, but I'm pumped to come back better than I ever was once the baby is born. Later, I watched the video and realized that every thruster was Rx with the hip pocket below the knee crease...Oops. Scott's response, "You did Rx Fran in 10 minutes?! Nikki, that's my baby in there too!" Again, Oops. Baby Traeger is fine. Still kicking, harshly, and I'm feeling good.

Now, please pass me the chocolate cake!

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