Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Paleo Tree Hugging

Traeger isn't my first child. He's ranked as kido number 3 and pregnancy number 2. Why then does it feel like I'm learning everything for the first time? Researching bottles, rash creams, car seats and gadgets has never been so confusing. Today I stumbled upon "Baby-Led Weaning" and ...

Oh my gosh! This pregnant brain thing is killing me! First my boobs were more pregnant than my belly, then my ass started compensating for the weight balance of my front side, now my brain is pregnant. Something has got to give! I can't seem to keep a thought in my head for longer than 20 seconds. Last week I forgot to take Logan to his dental appointment and I unloaded an entire washer full of dirty dishes. Yesterday I tried to dial a number and actually typed it into a text message to my husband. I have on average 5 good brain farts per day. I feel like the biggest dingbat!

So where was I going with this Baby-Led Weaning? Okay, it's is the concept of letting the baby tell you when he or she is ready for solids and avoiding the purees, ice trays, blending, planning, and jars of processed crap. Feed the baby stalks of broccoli, let them teeth on bell peppers, offer the whole banana rather than mashing it up. I've spent about 5 distracted minutes researching this, and there isn't much info out there on it, so don't take my pregnant brained word for it. With high hopes to be back on my paleo routine as soon as my hormones allow, baby-led weaning fits right into my plans for Traeger.

More Reading on the topic:
Guidelines for implementing a baby-led approach to the introduction of solid food
What is Baby Led Weaning and is it the right approach to Introducing Solid Foods?
Baby-Led Weaning: Helping Your Baby to Love Good Food

I've also been researching cloth diapers. Scott hates the idea, but supports me fully as I explore the options of saving us money and hugging trees. He's is the kind of man that will use a fresh diaper to wrap around a poopy diaper, then place the "package" in a plastic bag tied in a few knots. Oh, and he keeps a t-shirt tied around his face while he's doing it. It really is a sight to watch! He is an honest to God poop-a-phob. The man can plug two blood gushing bullet wounds (entrance and exit), yet the idea of having to wash and reuse something that touched a little poop, well let's just say that my big tough man does have some fear. More to come on the cloth diapering, probably after Traeger is out of the new born weight.


10 Rounds
10 Dumbbell Hang Cleans - #25's
10 Push-ups - Belly to floor (I had Scott watch a round to tell me if my range of motion was severely sacrificed due to the big belly. Guess the belly isn't as big as it feels because he said my depth was still solid.)
Time: 24 min

Rest - Moving lots of equipment around and Trigger Point Therapy. This has been amazing for those pregnancy related pains. It relieves my pelvic aches and pains and anytime I feel my sciatic nerve start to pinch it seems to cure it 100%!


  1. So funny about the Poop :) I want to see a picture.

  2. Ha, I'm sure I can find one. I'll post it to the blog if I do.

  3. Cloth diapers rock! :)

    Those links are interesting! Wholesomebaby is an AWESOME website!!

  4. Baby-led weaning is awesome. I have been doing it with my son who is now 7 months and it is so fun and super easy. It is just such a natural way to introduce solids (I mean seriously, what cavewoman had a food processer??). Buy the book, it has great info and there are websites with more info, you just need to google them as well as look at all the comments. It does take at least 6 months for your baby to wean him/herself and it will seem like they are not eating much for the first few months, so don't expect much other than a mess. Oh, and your Dr. may bring up Iron supplements, but baby-led weaning should get your little one plenty (so definitley let him or her suck the juices from meat or eat it if they have teeth). Also, give some kind of Vitamin C fruit or veg to help absorb the iron in meat; but no spinach as it decreases absorption (a popeye myth).

    Good luck and have fun!