Wednesday, March 10, 2010

My Modified is Their Workout

Its finally Spring in Austin, TX...almost. Judging by many of the status updates on facebook spring fever has hit and is motivating everyone.  Our house backs to a beautiful greenbelt full of trees, a park, tennis courts and loads of neighbors hitting the trails. It's the perfect setting for outdoor fitness with the whole family. Scott took Logan and Mekenzie to the park and I took my barbell and dumbbells to the trail.

5 rounds
200m farmer's walk #25 DB's
10 muscle snatch #45 bar
10 lunges (per leg)
Time - 33:03, 5 rounds of anything sucks!

Never underestimate the power of a farmer's walk. Geez! That was the hardest part. I was on fire from my forearms through my traps. My muscle snatch was more of a hang snatch. I had it corrected by round 5. And workouts with lunges are getting harder for me. After some research my excuse to say lunges are hard and the reason I can't run anymore, my pubic symphysis hurts! It is the midline cartilaginous joint that connects the left and right side of the pubic bone. For females it is located above the vulva and for males it is above the "man unit". In females, the pubic symphysis is slightly movable for the birth of children. This means its one of those special places that has to stretch to allow Traeger out of the womb and into the world. Well my pubic symphysis is in pain all the time. I waddle not because I'm fat (no matter what the jealous ex wife says) but because it hurts to walk normal. I feel like I'm going to break in half. 123 days until my due date!

Halfway through my workout people at the park started asking Scott if I was training for an event. My response would have been, "Ha, ya, Labor! Doesn't every woman train for that?!" But Scott explained that I'm a CrossFit coach and this is a modified version of what I normally do. That's right park mom's, my modified is your workout! Wanna join me?

Logan and Mekenzie jumped in on my last few rounds. I enjoyed the company on those vicious farmer's walks, but the kids were quickly distracted by the urge to race each other up and down my 100 marked meters.  As we finished and walked into our back gate Mekenzie exclaimed, "Good run Logan...Thanks for running with me." Scott and I looked at each other and just smiled.


  1. I want to do farmer's walks!

  2. ask and you shall receive...mwahahaha!