Thursday, November 12, 2009

Intensity vs Baby

Yesterday I registered for the CrossFit Mom forum. I started reading questions from other crossfitters just finding out about their pregnancies and decided I needed to chime in myself.

I'm now 6 weeks 4 days. I'm a CrossFit coach and up until two weeks ago was training for the 2010 Games. I competed in last year’s games and am having a hard time turning off the competitor in myself. Since last Friday I have PR'ed Fran, Filthy Fifty and DT. I've read the Do's and Don'ts for the first trimester, but didn't know if that is effective immediately or if I still have a few weeks left? Am I doing harm to myself or my baby? Any info is helpful. Thanks!

Hi Nikki. Everyone is different, and every pregnancy is different. I'm sure it will be difficult for you to take it down a notch, but remember, it's only for 9 months out of your life. At your level, you will be able to do more than an intermediate or beginner level person. However, you do need to watch the intensity. If you cannot catch your breath, your baby is not getting enough oxygen. Just keep that in mind. You can still do a lot, just back off the PR's for now. CrossFitting while pregnant is going to give you an advantage. You will be stronger after the baby, than you were before.

In the silence of an empty gym I attempted my first CrossFit Mom wod. I added a little to make it feel more like what I've been doing, but I didn't race the clock and made sure to stop and check my breathing after ever movement. Intensity is no longer the goal.

(I added in a 400m jog. I got to watch the butterflies playing around me.)
Wall ball #14 (I used #20)
Step ups (I did step ups on a 24" box)

I followed this with CrossFit's dot com
Clean and Jerk 1-1-1-1-1-1-1 reps
Hit a PR of 150!!!

Boiled Egg

I really thought I could avoid this part of pregnancy. I thought I might be one of those few women who wouldn't suffer from that all day urge to hug the toilet. Yesterday proved me wrong. Yesterday I knew I was within the percentage of pregnant women who do pray to the porcelain gods.

Since going paleo over a year ago I've had a snack everyday at 10am that consist of 1 hardboiled egg and a handful of almonds. Yesterday I gagged on the egg. I still choked it down, but it wasn't appetizing.

For dinner I always eat a load of veggies. By loads I mean 2-3 cups of stir fried broccoli, zucchini, cabbage, onions, spinach, and anything else green or leafy I can find in the veggie drawer. Well last night the veggies were officially gross. The only thing that really appealed was goldfish, fruit and chocolate chip cookies. I only eat meat because I know have to. This can't be good.

Scott did "ANGIE" last night. He killed it, PR'ed it, and hung out around the toilet for an hour before finally doing the tango with Pukie. Good times!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Because I couldn't avoid it for another year

All morning Wladi pestered the heck out of me, "What wod are you doing today. Can I go against you?" I deflected him by saying I was taking it easy this month and might just do some rowing. I figured that would be boring enough to scare him off, but not the case. He was motivated and determined. I was pregnant and hormonal. He recruited Dave to pick a wod for us. Lucky me!

Today's WOD, Filthy Fifty...Because I couldn't avoid it for another year. I haven't done this wod since December of 2008. I have dodge it on the dot com for almost a year, but Dave caught me in the nick of time. Filthy Fifty it is. I worried about intensity the entire 29 minutes and 55 seconds. The burpees were more of a walk out to laying on the floor for a few breathes then walk back up to a golf style clap. Sad excuse for a burpee. My body fatiqued a lot faster and recoved a bit slower. It almost felt as if lactic acid kicked in 25 reps too soon on every movement.

Friday, November 6, 2009

One Last Hoorah

Up until last week I was number one on the Benchmark Board for Fran with a time of 3:53. Kindel beat me by 1 second. 1 second hung over me and the number one spot. This was a spot on the leader board I worked hard for and didn't want to give up, especially without a good excuse. I do not encourage excuses, but being weighted down with hormones and cutting back on intensity for the safety of an unborn child is a pretty damn good excuse to suck at a WOD. Only problem is...nobody knows I’m pregnant yet. I had something to prove to everyone, and they were expecting it. Nervously, I committed myself to make one last attempt at a PR before fully cutting back on intensity. I asked Scott to come support and explained that I needed him there to scream in my face when I wanted to rest, to be my rock. I needed the hype of a crowd to feed off of, but didn't want anyone else to know what I was doing. Honestly, I was afraid to suck. Scott was the hype I needed. I set up my bar and deflected the questions of the unknowing. Dave and Robin both had cameras in hand and slowly the whispers made it obvious that everyone knew what was about to happen. Talk about pressure. I was nervous.

3...2...1...Go! 21 Thrusters without rest, 21 pull ups unbroken. Clock read 1:17. Now the 15's....Are you kidding me!? Everything began to breakdown. 3 sets of 5 on the thrusters and pull ups and I was on to 9's. My favorite round. 9 Thrusters without rest and 5 pull ups. 4 Pull ups to go, and all I want to do is lay down. Scott was yelling, everyone was staring. I look up at the clock in a split second and saw I was over 3:30. 4 pull ups and I fall to the floor. Dave yells out, "3:49!" Fran is mine once again!

CFCP athletes are making progress and I have a feeling it won't be long before I'm beat again, and I'm okay with that, but I will come back with something to prove. You can count on that!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Morning Sickness?

I was sick the entire 40 weeks with my first pregnancy. It was ugly. I was dropping weight in my third trimester and walked out of the hospital with 4 lbs to lose to get back to pre baby weight. Not good when you are supposed to gain at least 25 pounds while pregnant. I was grossed out by just about everything accept PBJ sandwiches or sour cream with a side of baked patatoes (real paleo huh!) I felt horrible the entire time.

I'm hoping this one will be different. I'm in a better place all around. I'm older, I'm in much better shape physically, and my diet is on point (minus all the halloween candy), and I have a major support system in my husband. I've read some great things about babies born to paleo mothers. Scott and I have always joked that we would one day bore the Superchild. Every CrossFit parent's dream right?

Today I am 5 weeks and 5 days. Uber early, I know, but I still feel good. Ok that's a little lie. I've been going to bed at Logan's bedtime and feel the urge to nap all day long, but I'm getting through my wods still. I fear next week. I felt a little queezy this morning then had a snack and it was gone. Next week the hormones will be higher...UGH! I'm really hoping my obsession with fitness and nutrition will help to ward off the evils of morning sickness!

Yesterdays WOD
800m Run
21 Press #70
800m Run
21 Push Press#70
800m Run
21 Jerks #70
Time: me - 16:18/scott - 14:58 (Dang it!)

Today I rest.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The News Spreads

Due to my not so sly actions on facebook the news has spread. Scott and I aren't ready to tell anyone yet. It’s still so early, but we are both busting at the seams with excitement. In my excitement I posted my status as, "Nikki Isbell knows something you don't know" and the responses flew in. We deflected them pretty well and threw off anybody in question. So we thought....When I arrived at work today the first thing Dave & Robin asked me was "So are you pregnant? I've had 3 people ask me if you were...I just had to ask?" My quick response was to laugh it off and blame it on rumor, but if you know Dave you know he is too smart for that. He said, "So is that a yes or a no?" I filled him and Robin in on the news and all Dave could say was how relieved he was because he thought I had broken up with CrossFit and didn't care anymore. For now our secret is safe.

5 Hang Cleans #105
7 Ring Pulls (supine pull ups)
9 Box Jumps 20'
I got 11

11/2/09 WOD
3 Snatch #65
15 OH Squat #65
400m Run
Time: 17:35 - I'm feeling much better!