Monday, March 8, 2010

Feelings Good

Saturday morning Scott, his mother, and my mother and myself were awake before the sun setting up a garage sale. Scott took off for work at 7am leaving us ladies to wheel and deal the bargain hunters. I hate garage sales, but I enjoyed the company and extra spending money. It was quite the bonding experience for us three ladies, but then again we've yet to miss a beat in any of our blithesome communications from day one.

Saturday night was full on cheat fest! Pizza, Dr. Pepper, ice cream and brownies. I knew it would hurt, but there is just something about stuffing your face with my Honey and watching a movie.  But, I felt it on Sunday. In the middle of the grocery store. I had a mood swing that almost knocked my face off! Nothing set it off, out of nowhere I wanted to break into tears. The true cause, Pizza has a higher glycemic index than most of the dessert foods we eat. A high glycmic index triggers insulin spikes in the body. I'm sure my insulin was off the charts! Insulin controls hormone levels. When the insulin drops, the body begs for more of the same crap for a quick insulin pick me up. If you give into the cravings you'll find yourself in a nasty cycle, aching joints (high GI also causes inflammation in the body) and mood swings from hell. My grocery store melt down was a direct effect of eating way too many sugary, empty carbohydrates. Mmm, pizza!

By monday, today, I'm feeling much better. My wod:

3 Rounds
400m Run (Sub 500m Row)
21 Kettle Bell Swings - 16kg
12 Pull Ups - (Butterfly until the 3rd round. Had to kip. I'm also up 10 lbs so these are like weighted pull ups with an odd center of gravity.)

Time - 19:57 And I loved every minute of it! I was on fire today...But, my last time was 9:40. Double your pleasure, double your fun, right?

Time to find something healthy to eat. My taste buds are still under the control of my hormones. Ugh, I hate this part.

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  1. Glad you're feeling better (that sounds like my diet on a regular basis, just remove the pizza! :).

    You and your husband are ADORABLE in that picture:).