Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Mama Bear

March 13 & 14 Scott and I judged the South Central Texas CrossFit Sectionals and holy moly did that take it out of me. It was amazing and I'll have to save the details for another blog because I'm getting behind on logging my workouts.

The week after sectionals consisted of one wod and a lot of naps. I am also hitting a point that I physically cannot drop it like its hot anymore. Meaning, there is way too much pain with my round ligaments and pubic symphysis to go into a deep squat. At my last check up the doctor recommended that I stop squats and lunges all together. I will cut out the lunges and am working hard to keep my squats at or above parallel.

Last week's one WOD
15 Good Mornings #45
15 Push ups - Belly to ground
15 Overhead Squats #45
5 Rounds - Ouch! Last deep squats until the come back.

This week I'm feeling much more rested, but having issues eating meat (again) I'm back at the workouts.

Monday's WOD
2 plus hours of intensely raking our yard. Blistered hands, sore arms and back, but some good ole fashioned yard work is good for the soul. The whole family got involved in this one. Logan was right there next to me working hard to build piles that were fit for jumping in later. Mekenzie had her own little rake and did what she could to spread the piles out (its a learning process when you're only 3). And Scott was doing what he loved, yard work and family time. As hard as it was, it was uber rewarding!

Tuesday's WOD
I added pull ups into my warm up to make sure I could still do them with my 13 lb weighted vest (baby belly) and low and behold, it was my first PR (personal record) since November! 10 butterfly pull ups in a row. They flew with such grace. And weighted pull ups at that!
On do the actual WOD I've been wanting to do this one for a week now. I'm got it from the I'm going to rename it "Mama Bear"

5 Rounds
300m Row
9 Bear Complex - #65

Bear complex:
Deadlift, Hange Clean, front squat, push press (receive bar on back), back squat, push press (from behind the neck, receive in front) = 1.

I loved this one! It took me over 33 minutes and kicked my butt, but holy moly it felt good! I love the barbell…

After my workout I headed home and spent the next 4 hours deep cleaning my house and rounding up our kids. I think my caloric ratio hit a huge negative for the day. I was tossing and turning at 1am and the only solution was a cheese stick. Today, I seem to be starving every hour on the hour, growth spurt?

Check out my happy little housewife helper.

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