Monday, January 25, 2010

Wonderful WOD

On saturday I agreed to take Logan on a hike. I guess I was feeling a little ambitious when I put the offer out there forgetting how easily I wear out these days. After coaching 2 classes, doing a few loads of laundry and grabbing 2 lunches from Quiznos (yes 2 @ 2 separate locations) I was ready for some down time on the couch.  Well 7 year olds don't do nap time. In fact, they move nonstop from the time they wake in the morning until the second their eyes shut at night. So I was forced to stand by my word.

We loaded the backpack and drove across town to the Greenbelt. Last time we had done this was 2 years ago after a huge drought, it was dry as a bone. This year the water was flowing and Logan wasted no time "slipping" in.  I figured this was my chance to head home and have some down time, but no. Cold and wet, he was still thrilled to be there. A passion for paleontology, Logan was sure dinosaurs once roamed this area and every rock tells their story. We then took to the trail to see what we might discover.

Slapped across the face with Cedar Fever, pregnant and exhausted I started to look around me and found enjoyment with what I was doing. It was good for my son, good for me and therefore good for the baby.  It wasn't as heavy or intense as the workouts I've been doing to take care of myself during pregnancy, but it was taking care of more than just my fitness. It nurtured my passion for parenting.

About a mile into our hike Logan said, "I just feel so good. Thank you for bringing me here Mommy." These are the moments we live for as parents.

I can't wait to bring him again.

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  1. How sweet is that! :) I love hiking, glad you had such a great time!