Friday, January 15, 2010

My Struggle

Since late 2007, when I started CrossFit, I've done nothing but more forward. My token term has always been, "Another day, another PR." Although I'm thrilled to be right where I am at this moment in my life, I struggle daily with the moving backwards physically. It took my doctor forcing me to take 2 weeks off of workouts to let go of the intensity and now I have no issue with that, but watching my clothes shrink and my PR's (personal records) walk away is hard. Yes, its for a greater cause and my baby is worth every ounce of crap I feel right now, but the mental struggle still sits there in the pit of my gut.

Looking over other CrossFitters and watching them grow as athletes excites me to no end, but its a depressing thing to know I'm currently at a stand still. I'm a beast inside, I play to compete. I have a free ticket right into regional qualifiers this year and since taking a month off after the games I've grown tremendously as an athlete. The power of rest is unbelievable. CrossFit HQ, can I take a maternity rain check on my free ticket? Yes, I knew you'd say no and I'm fully prepared to kick ass after my baby is born and earn my ticket, again. See you in 2011.

To fuel my soul I've volunteered to judge at the Central Texas Sectionals in March. I've been coaching sectional hopefuls here at CFCP for a few weeks now and have found that my passion for this sport has not struggled like my physical abilities. Competing or coaching, I'm still a beast.

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