Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Wall Balls + Wall Balls + More Wall Balls

Today's WOD:

150 Wall Balls - Men's Rx 20 lbs, 10 foot target.

Sounds awesome right? Get ready to laugh. My time...24:21. I'm on the CFCP leader board for doing this one in 8:07 and the record is 5:51.

I took it in sets of 5. I had a workout partner on this one, so I sacrificed my time to show her the ropes. My step daughter, Mekenzie, was there by my side the entire time. When I stopped to catch my breath with my hands on my hips so did she. When I went for a drink of water, so did she. At one point I guess my rest time was taking to long and she starting throwing down the burpees.  Kids are fun. Its nice to slow down the wods and enjoy them the way kids do.

I followed my wod with a big bowl of paleo pot roast. Beef, cabbage, carrots, onions & garlic over quinoa. It feels good to actually enjoy veggies again. For breakfast I had a 3 egg, onion and zucchini scramble with cheese and avocado on top.

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