Friday, January 15, 2010

Mission Accomplished

Even though I rested yesterday due to complete exhaustion and a full day at work, I still managed to hit my goal of 4 workouts this week. It feels so good I want to aim for 5 and hit it again tomorrow. I know, I know, getting a little ahead of myself from my endorphin high.

Today's workout
Box Step ups
Back Squats #75
Ring Dips (the enemy! I hate them...)

I really miss deadlifts. Since CrossFit Mom seems to avoid them, maybe I'll create my own pregger wod with them next week.

My diet is still a little dirty. I have to talk myself into eating eggs and veggies don't exist anymore. I don't drink milk and I'm not supplementing my calcium. That can't be good. I want to eat the heck out of bananas with peanut butter, watermelon, and malt-o-meal. Not all together of course! Its not the way I used to eat but it beats the heck out of fast foods and sugars. I ate out every day last week, but this week the most I've had outside my kitchen was a vanilla Latte.  Is there hope for paleo in my near future? I hope so, this isn't how I planned to do this. I am taking 6 Omegas per day with my prenatal vitamins. I feel good about this combination.


  1. Me too! I desperately want to eat paleo again, I really miss it. But when I try it, I gag:). Basically I want french fries for every meal of every day, but I'm keeping it in check. Cheerios has become by go-to food when nothing else sounds good.
    I've been craving watermelon as well! I just can't get it around here.

  2. I just read your entire blog and I swear I was reading my own. So glad to know there is actually another prego out there like myself. My co worker is due 5 days after me and she has no issue eating and feels great. Ugh! Jealous for sure.... I was trying to post comments to you blog but the cache wouldn't allow it. Could be my computer, but what I anted to let you know was....

    I was always a bruiser too before paleo. I like to think all the greens I was eating gave me the iron I needed for the bruising. With my first pregnancy I wasn't into fitness or nutrition. I lost a lot of weight and became very anemic. I had to take iron supplements. Your doctor should check for this....

    And, I noticed yesterday that even though I had a screaming hormone induced headache and felt weighted down to the floor, working out really helped. About halfway through the workout my splitting head seemed cured and I felt good (prego good, not normal good) for the rest of the day. My point, sometimes just starting the warm up is all you need to do to get you off the couch.

  3. OH, and If I could mail you a watermelon I totally would. They were on sale here for a while.

  4. Hi Nikki! I finally found a watermelon, it was delicious (but small and not quite ripe but at this point, what did I care?)! :)

    I'm sorry to read about your pounding headache. One hit me and I thought it was a migraine, I never had a headache that bad before. Good tip on the working out, I will try that for sure next time!

    I know, I'm so with you on the warm-up. If I can get my butt in gear and start a warm-up, I feel so much better, even if that's all I get to that day.

    Paleo is getting easier, but lately I've been craving PB&J's, so it's still a work in progress.

    As for your blog, you are so amazing! I don't know how you do all that! I'm hoping I can get back into some kind of normal workout schedule as I get a little further along.