Friday, January 29, 2010

GRACEful Movements

I rested on Wednesday due to going to bed 1.5 hours late the night before. All day wednesday I felt as if I had pulled an all nighter. I never feel fully rested these days. By Thursday I was ready for my next WOD. For some reason I jumped on GRACE, as prescribed.

30 Clean & Jerks - RX 95 lbs

This has always been one of my favorite WODs, but I don't have my log book with me so I can't remember my last time on it.  Yesterday I did it in 8:24. Probably should have rested more. I've ordered a heart rate monitor. I've always despised the things, but now I've got a purpose.

One of my clients is 27-29 weeks pregnant and she wears her heart rate monitor  every workout. It beeps when her heart rate is over 160. She does two thrusters, it starts to beep and she has to sit and rest.  I have a feeling this could be eye opening for me. I have another client that is a Labor & Delivery nurse and in class this morning I joked about eating 95 pounds of iron for breakfast. She then showed a huge concern for me and my lifting 95 lbs. I pointed out that I was lifting more before pregnancy and that this was taking it back a notch. Then I asked, "Back in the old days when women worked the fields and did a lot more manual labor than we do now, did they just stop when they got pregnant?" Something to ponder.

Exciting News

I can feel the baby moving. I've felt it for the past 2 weeks now (which is very early, but I'm super in tune with my body). I wasn't sure at first, but after a week of the flutters, I'm pretty sure Bumper is in there doing clean & jerks with the umbilical cord.  I wish Scott and the kids could feel it too. Its so amazing.

Food is still an issue. I've gained 5 lbs quick. This is something we celebrate in my house because my diet has changed so drastically and if I didn't get sick I'd straight up skip meals. I have to choke down breakfast and dinner, but for lunch I could eat an entire cow. I have an issue with sweets. I love them, always have, but usually have a goal that disciplines me enough to stay away from them. This morning I had eggs and ice cream for breakfast...Oops. I was making the ultimate birthday cake for Mekenzie with a 2 inch layer of cookies and cream ice cream in the middle. Well, who could resist a few spoonfuls when building something like that, especially when you aren't allowed to lick the cake batter due to raw eggs. I can't wait to eat the cake tonight....

To Scott, Love you like a fat kid love cake baby! 

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