Saturday, February 6, 2010

Over Doing It

Friday I asked Scott to come up with a workout for me. I told him my arms were sore from Fran and snatches so I needed a leg burner. Without prescribing weight he text me, "21-15-9 back sqt, dl, weighted step ups." I took off from there. I know from a few weeks ago I can do 155 lb deadlifts with out any issues. Games weight on deadlifts is normally 185 lbs in a met-con so this is taking it down to my pregnant level. The back squats were sketchy. CrossFit Mom suggest 45-65 lbs. Why I thought I could do 145 lbs is beyond me! I dropped it down to 135 after a lift or two.

Here's how it ended up:
Deadlifts - #155
Back Squats - #135
Weighted Box Steps - #20 medball, 20 in box
Time - 30+ minutes

The deadlifts felt great. The back squats went in groups of 4's - ROUGH. The step ups were just fun.
Halfway through I started texting people asking if #135 was safe, by the time I finished the wod the answers came in. NO! My abs aren't strong enough at this point to support that weight. A few hours later, halfway through coaching the 6pm class it felt like someone hit my light switch. I went from energized to lifeless in seconds. Knowing I over did it with my workout I really started to worry. On top of that I hadn't eaten in a few hours and was beyond starving. After class I laid on a therapy bed and asked Scott pick me up. We got BBQ to-go and I scarfed down my banana pudding in the truck. I needed the quick carb slap in the butt!

I've felt the baby move today and my soreness is minimal. Nothing feels out of whack so I'm okay with the workout I did, but I don't think I'll try it again unless I'm trying to induce labor. 

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