Friday, February 5, 2010

I Love My Oly Shoes

Last night I attempted double-unders and after 3 felt some major pressure on my bladder. Forget that idea. I'm not peeing my pants for this. I start doing the Burgener Warm-Up with a 25 lb bar. I still had no idea which workout I wanted to do, but next to me was a loaded 65 lb bar. Temptation struck. In my Nikes I attempted a full snatch. The moosh of my shoes sent my body and the bar all over the place. I thought up a quick wod and changed into my favorite shoes ever...My Oly Shoes! These babies reap a strict, solid landing under the bar. The sound they make as they hit the floor at the bottom of the snatch is like music to my ears. I attempted my next snatch and it stuck. Love it!

3 Rounds
250m Row
10 Snatch - #65
Time - 17:34 I'm not sure why I even keep time at this point.

Olympic lifts make my heart go pitter patter. They are my strength and I'm going to be very sad when my belly is too big to safely get the bar around it. Guess I'll have to settle for dumbbells.

Below is a video of Olympic winner Natalie Woolfork-Burgener. She is the daugther-in-law to Olympic weightlifting Coach Mike Burgener. If a dream vacation were in order for us Isbell's, it would probably be a week in Mike's Garage learning to lift like Natalie.  I wonder how much her training will change when she is pregnant?

On a sad note, I was bumped from my last number 1 spot on the leader board yesterday. Deric kicked ass and took names on Fight Gone Bad beating my 333 points with 432. Ouch!

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