Thursday, February 11, 2010

I'm Sure She'd Make a Really Excellent Mother

Maybe its the weather, but I'm willing to bet its the baby that has got me feeling the urge to hide out in our bat cave. With the blinds shut tight, the kids away and my husband at work all I can think about is closing my eyes. Who am I kidding, I think about closing my eyes all day long. The thought of going to bed at night makes me a little giddy. That being said, I haven't worked out all week. Even after attempting to buy a bathing suit the other day, I'm okay with taking a week off. (Bathing suit shopping will be another blog...YIKES!) As of now I've gained 8 lbs. I'm right on track.

Aside from extreme exhaustion, some of the other symptoms I'm experiencing at this point are heart burn, acne all over my body, extreme urge to cry over anything (happy or sad), the feeling that my pelvic bone is determined to rip in half, a little nausea, loss of mental focus, odd dreams, loss of appetite with an increased food intake, and huge boobs that spill into my armpits. Pregnancy is beautiful.

With Valentine's Day right around the corner I'm happy to have the time to volunteer for Logan's class party.  Logan and I have been working on his Valentine's cards to his classmates and his mailbox so he doesn't miss a single love letter from an admirer. I live for the art projects. Its a great opportunity to pull out the ole glue gun and puff paint. We tried to "man up" his mailbox with some blue material, but the artist formally known as Logan is a huge fan of glitter glue.  Can you blame him? And just so there are no concerns about his masculinity, he's no stranger to rolling in the mud and releasing vulgar smells.
Happy Valentine's Day to all the Redheaded Loves in my life. 


  1. Nikki; I have that SAME box of paints! How much of that is left over from SunDancer days???

  2. Haha, Pretty much all of it is left over from Sun Dancers. Once a Social Officer, Always a Social Officer. I am surprised after 10 years its not all dried up! But the new stuff is for canvas painting. I painted a bunch of pictures for the kids bathroom, a whale, octopus, and some fish. So much fun.

    My CrossFit friends have no idea I'm this crafty. It shocks them to find out I do formal up dos considering I'm always in pony tails and sweatpants.

  3. That box of paints makes me drool! I WISH I had a craft stash like that! LOL! I can't wait for Isabella to be old enough to do crafts with (she doesn't have the attn span just yet) :)

    Love Logan's card box too :)