Thursday, November 12, 2009

Boiled Egg

I really thought I could avoid this part of pregnancy. I thought I might be one of those few women who wouldn't suffer from that all day urge to hug the toilet. Yesterday proved me wrong. Yesterday I knew I was within the percentage of pregnant women who do pray to the porcelain gods.

Since going paleo over a year ago I've had a snack everyday at 10am that consist of 1 hardboiled egg and a handful of almonds. Yesterday I gagged on the egg. I still choked it down, but it wasn't appetizing.

For dinner I always eat a load of veggies. By loads I mean 2-3 cups of stir fried broccoli, zucchini, cabbage, onions, spinach, and anything else green or leafy I can find in the veggie drawer. Well last night the veggies were officially gross. The only thing that really appealed was goldfish, fruit and chocolate chip cookies. I only eat meat because I know have to. This can't be good.

Scott did "ANGIE" last night. He killed it, PR'ed it, and hung out around the toilet for an hour before finally doing the tango with Pukie. Good times!

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