Monday, November 9, 2009

Because I couldn't avoid it for another year

All morning Wladi pestered the heck out of me, "What wod are you doing today. Can I go against you?" I deflected him by saying I was taking it easy this month and might just do some rowing. I figured that would be boring enough to scare him off, but not the case. He was motivated and determined. I was pregnant and hormonal. He recruited Dave to pick a wod for us. Lucky me!

Today's WOD, Filthy Fifty...Because I couldn't avoid it for another year. I haven't done this wod since December of 2008. I have dodge it on the dot com for almost a year, but Dave caught me in the nick of time. Filthy Fifty it is. I worried about intensity the entire 29 minutes and 55 seconds. The burpees were more of a walk out to laying on the floor for a few breathes then walk back up to a golf style clap. Sad excuse for a burpee. My body fatiqued a lot faster and recoved a bit slower. It almost felt as if lactic acid kicked in 25 reps too soon on every movement.

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