Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Cue Pukie

Today I agreed to meet a client outside the gym for a 1 mile time trial. Running a mile without stopping is a goal of hers and we needed a benchmark time. I haven't run in weeks, maybe even months. I was a little nervous. Now that I am pregnant my focus has moved from keeping the intensity to being able to breathe and talk through the workout. If you are a CrossFitter you may know that recovery is not just something that happens after you blow through your wod and fall flat on your back gasping for air (passive recovery). Recovery is continuous. Active Recovery occurs during a wod. Its the ability to resist the urge to rest, keep the muscles moving after the lactic acid sets in, and stay in that high intensity zone.  I spent 2 years training my active recovery and its still not up to par with the fittest woman on the planet. 

Going into the general science behind active and passive recovery is an entirely different blog, so I'll just get to the point of mine. My active recovery currently sucks! 2 minutes into our run I was gasping for air, I couldn't get a deep breathe, and I questioned my ability to finish the mile. By the 4th minute all was well. My heart rate regulated and I was able to coach my client though the run. We finished the mile in just under 11 minutes. This summer I hit a PR of 7:20 for my 1 mile (these legs were built for strength, not speed) so 11 minutes was a good pregnancy pace for me. At this point I was warmed up and ready to really go. I took the second mile on by myself finishing in 9:15. By the last 100 meters I was breathing heavy, and my active recovery felt horrible. I blame the diet, extra blood supply and slowed circulatory system, but mostly the diet. 

So, 2 mile wod behind me and someone asks how it felt. Cue Pukie the clown. An hour later and I still want to puke. Intensity or progesterone?

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