Monday, December 7, 2009

Badge of Honor

Ripped hands and hard calluses are a badge of honor to all us die hard Crossfitters.  I'm on my second week of CrossFit Mom WODs. Even with huge modifications on my wods and intensity level that grandma could handle I'm still rocking my calluses.

And the icing on the cake...I'm doing butterfly pull ups now. Tried and true, butterflies take minutes off wods. In this sport every second counts, so improving my butterflies will be well worth it in 2011.

Today's WOD:
250m row
20 squats
250m row
20 push ups
250m row
20 pull ups
250m row
20 knees to elbows

We've been to the doctor and have seen our little Bumper's heart beat (warm fuzzies felt by every member of the family).  The morning sickness seems to last all day, but kicks in the worst around dinner time. I've lost some weight, but nothing alarming just yet. Paleo is out the window and it breaks my heart, but meat and veggies gross me out! I wish it was cookies that gave me the urge to purge.

Today my wod seemed to alleviate the morning sickness, but I had fried pickles for lunch. That might hurt later today.


  1. Wow, congratulations, Nikki & Scott!!

    I am really looking forward to this blog b/c I'm pregnant too! Not as far along as you, so we're keeping it quiet until at least the first appt. (I'm only 6 weeks along).

    I had to stop CrossFit altogether for a little while due to complications, but I'm really looking forward to getting the go-ahead from the doc.

    And I'm the same way, paleo is totally gone. Toast & milkshakes are about the only thing my body seems to want right now. I feel so guilty!

  2. Yeah! Someone to share my pain with! Congrats!! And I totally understand your guilt....I want my baby to have the best as early as possible, but its so hard right now.

    I did manage an almost paleo dinner, but my veggies were covered in cheese....Its a start!

    I had some complications at 6 weeks and my doc told me to take 2 weeks off. That was my wake up call to slow things down. My body hated the time off, back aches and my joints got tight, but my baby needed it. I'm now following and so far so good. I have a client that is due in May so this has really helped in giving her the attention her and her baby need.