Thursday, October 14, 2010

Double Bag 'Em

One of the only complaints I hear from women losing weight is how sad they are to see their boobs washed away with the inches. Personally, I was never bothered by this. In fact, I took pride in the two fried eggs I dropped in my bra everyday. It meant I was leaning out, it meant I didn't have to worry about painful bouncing during my run, it meant I could wear those cute little sports bars that serve no other purpose than to cover the nipples.

Shortly after TW (Traeger Wayne, aka "T Dub") was born I went from fried eggs to watermelons overnight. To my husband they had porn star quality with a trigger happy defense reaction. Go near them and pay the consequences. While most women would think that having boobs and losing weight is great, I find them to be uncomfortable and in the way. Pushed to the back of the drawer are my cute little, nipple covering sports bars. Make way for the over the shoulder boulder holders, oh and double bag them please! Two bras are tighter than one. Let's just make sure those bad boys are tied down tight, leave the bouncing for the bumper plates.

A concern for many new workout mommy's is whether or not lactic acid will have a negative effect on the quality of their breastmilk. I've read that many moms have to "pump and dump" after their workouts because the lactic acid released from their muscles during workout compromises the flavor of the breastmilk causing their baby to reject the boob. Fortunately, TW and I do not have this issue. I've been through some high intensity workouts, called "TIME" and still gasping for air stuck him to the breast. He feeds and mommy partakes in active recovery.

I enjoy breastfeeding because it is so healthy for TW, its the only time I am forced to slow down during the day, and these growth hormones are doing wonders for my oly lifts. I don't enjoy breastfeeding because these boobs slow me down, I am the mercy of TW's 2 hour feeding schedule, society has painted boobs as sexual play toys making public feedings slightly uncomfortable (I'm over it, are you?!) and holy moly it hurts when a barbell makes contact with the under side of my utters. Never the less,  I will continue to breastfeed until TW is getting 100% of his nutrition from solids, God help me...

My safe for breastfeeding supplement list:
1 Tbsp sauerkraut, (fermented foods)
Vitamin D
Prenatal Vitamins
4 tsp Omega 3 Fish Oil (SFH Clinical Strength)
Multiple Tbsp Coconut Oil
An occasional small dose of caffein (coffee or spark)
(I plan to implement digestive enzymes soon)


  1. That's interesting that some moms have problems with the lactic acid... I have fed Finn immediately after workouts too , never any problem.

  2. I could not stop laughing while reading this!! It's SO true!!! Thanks for being so openly honest!!!

    Isabella never had an issue with post WOD nursing either! Hoping the new baby won't either :)