Saturday, October 31, 2009

...and baby makes 5!

Monster Energy drink every day for a week, increase in my cup size, and the extreme urge to curl up under my desk and take a nap. We saw the signs, but it took 4 test to confirm it. We're having a baby....Shocked and thrilled!

I immediately started researching CrossFit, pregnancy and paleo. I came across CrossFit Mom and another very helpful blog created by one of CFHQ's traveling Trainers. I looked through a few of the CF mom wods and got a little disappointed. I'm a Games Competitor; I feed off moving heavy stuff and high intensity wods. Deadlifting a 1 pood kettlebell is hardly a workout, much less a warmup. But then again I'm growing a human inside me, from day one that's been a lot of work for my body. Reading over the trainer's blog was motivating. She talks about doing #185 deadlifts in a metcon wod during her 8th month. I love it. Got heavy or go home. She does remind us that its more about how your body feels than anything else. That's a given. So I'm going to try it, and I'm going to document my pregnancy and my crossfit here.

The first week of knowing wasn't pretty in the gym. I gave up my advocare supplements cold turkey, something I tried to do after the 09 Games and failed at. Now its my baby I have to worry about. So with an increased hormone level and drop off of supplements I've been taking for 2+ years the energy was low and the headaches painful. Everyone kept asking, "What wod are you doing today?" Kindel beat my Fran time by 1 second, and Dave could tell my head wasn't in the game. I attempted strength thrusters and every lift made my head throb. I took 2 days off over the weekend.

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