Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Mirror Mirror on the Wall

...who is the prettiest pregnant woman of them all? *evil laugh*

Warning: The following is the true life experience of a pregnant woman's struggles in a dressing room. It is intended for a mature audience and may contain adult language. Some situations are highly graphic and may not be suitable for children under the age of 18. 

Trying on bathing suits is much like a horror flick. The climax of the event was well foreshadowed when I asked the first sales associate to point me in the direction of the maternity department only to find out that they don't carry clothing for the expecting. "Surely I can still fit in a 'regular' bikini," I thought as I flipped through all the marked down designer suits on the rack. I was surrounded by "regular" women also shopping for a good sale. 

I approached the fitting room with three different suits in hand as I reminded myself that I needed to show off my belly. I hid my first pregnancy because I felt "fat" the entire time. I regret that, so my first pick was a cute red and white bikini. Top first, so far so good. Now for the bottoms. A little snug, but I needed the full picture. I did a turn in the mirror....

HORRIFIED, I started to cry then immediately tried not to cry, but I couldn't stop the tears. What I thought was a cute red and white bikini now looked like blood splatter across my swollen chest and my even more swollen ass! Love handles spilled everywhere. It was as if Ralph Lauren himself had just slashed through me several times with a butcher's knife. Silently screaming for help I text Scott. My hero to the rescue! He threw a few complements my way giving me the courage to try on the next.

This was a sweet blue and white tankini. Top felt good. Gun shy I put on the bottoms. Room to grow, this is good. I took a look, snapped a pic and sent it to Scott. We decided it was a keeper. With a $120 mark down on a suit that will get me through the summer, Ralph and I are now friends again.

Saturday's WOD
2k row with a belly ache from bad food.

Sunday = rest day

Wall Balls - #20
Pull Ups - Still Rx, but getting harder.
Time 15:13

7 Rounds
3 Front Squats - #65 first 3 rounds, #85 last 4 rounds
7 pull ups - My weight is up #15 as of Tuesday, weighted pull ups are getting harder!
Time 12:14

25 weeks, that's 6 & 1/4 months, that's178 days, which all means 102 days until due date!!!


  1. Love the New Belly Pic :) That boy is growing! I know you don't feel it but you really do still look GREAT and CUTE. Glad you found a suit. And most women can not even do the WODs your doing, just your still strong and will come back fast. Where was this great sale???

  2. Sale was at TJ Max...prob a damaged RL suit, but I'll take it!

    And my workouts stand as a threat now. If you call me fat I will kick your ass! haha.

  3. Love handles?!?!? REALLY?!?!?! I honestly don't see them! You carry that baby VERY WELL & look so cute!! Show off that belly girl!!

  4. I'm with the other ladies! You look wonderful, Nikki!

    I love your story about the swimsuits (although hate that you got upset). I occasionally take a peak at my ass in my bedroom mirror and I am horrified! :) Seriously, why does the ass have to get bigger? Is it like a counter-weight for the belly? :)haha.

    Your hubby sounds like a gem!